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wedding and engagement photographer New Jersey
I finally got to enjoy the beautiful moments captured by you from last year’s all-night concert. They are truly beautiful, you have made everything, everybody look beautiful. More than the lenses in you camera, it is the lenses in your eyes and mind that need to be appreciated for such work of art. Thank you so much for your dedication and contribution.
Pt. Samir Chatterjee, NJ

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Anand Chaudhuri

Anand Chaudhuri

Owner and Chief Photographer

You THINK you need to go through a lot of portfolios and reviews and listen to the advice of your already married friends.

But what you REALLY need are wedding images that speak to you, years down the road, that you can look at and feel JUST like you did the day you first got married!

So fill out the form to schedule your FREE consultation and I will show you how bold, playful, modern images that reflect your personality and style will make your wedding timeless.

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