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Wedding and Engagement Photography by Award Winning Photographer

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I am a New Jersey wedding engagement photographer, providing wedding photography and engagement photography services.

If you are looking for a New Jersey wedding photographer, check out my portfolios and let us know about needs, and we will create the wedding engagement photography package personalized for you.

I am fiercely committed to my brand and as your wedding engagement photographer my aim is to provide you excellent service and that is the only way I can maintain the value of my brand.

My background is in creative photography. Before I entered the field of wedding engagement photography in NJ I used to participate in photography competitions worldwide. My photographs have been exhibited at competitions in 30 countries in all parts of the world. As your wedding photographer I bring that unique creative perspective to create images that sets your wedding engagement photography apart from the ones you might have seen.

Wedding photography in NJ is a highly competitive market. And it works both ways. Not only there are many couples, there are many wedding engagement photographers too. So selecting a New Jersey wedding engagement photographer can be a challenge. I feel wedding engagement photographers in NJ have a tendency to compromise the level of service in their desire to get as much business they can while the season lasts. While being popular is a good thing, wedding photography is physically and mentally draining and if your wedding engagement photographer is working 3 days a week in summer, your wedding photography images will lack the unique touch that your wedding deserves. As you know each wedding is special and each client is a treasure.

I will be always available to talk to you about your specific wedding photography needs, in person initially and then over Skype, whenever you feel the need to chat. A wedding can be stressful and it is my job as your wedding engagement photographer to make sure you do not stress about wedding photography. I familiarize myself and others working with me with your schedule for the day, as provide suggestions as needed about how wedding photography works into that schedule

The only thing that will last a lifetime is your wedding photography images and they should be gorgeous and so as the years go by you will like your wedding photography images more and more. I have several wedding photography articles in my blog, which will help you in planning your wedding.

As a New Jersey wedding photographer, I feel lucky that I am in such a diverse area. I believe my South-Asian cultural background and experience in living in 4 countries bring a perspective that couples value, particularly since the need for multi-cultural wedding engagement photography in NJ is quite common.

As your wedding photographer no-one knows about your wedding photography needs better than I do. If you need a wedding photography album, I design it myself instead of getting it done overseas by someone else you do not even know. I also provide the option of online wedding photography album for ordering prints.

Hiring me as your wedding photographer will be a great choice for which you will thank yourself for years to come!


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