Meet Your Photographer...

Photography to me is not just a way to make a living, it is a way of life.

If you want to look back to your special day years later and feel as if it just happened yesterday, you have come to the right place. 🙂
…It’s amazing how much we lose of our events within just a few weeks, but it all seems alive again every time I look  at these pictures… Raoul, NJ

If you are a couple who are fun, energetic, spontaneous, contemporary and madly in love…then my style of photography is a perfect match for you.

Why? Because I excel  in candid people photography. And it started early in my photography days by relentlessly roaming the busy streets of Kolkata, Singapore, Tokyo and New York.

The images I will create will not be just a chronicle of  your wedding but the capture of a memory that will last a lifetime, and make you fall in love all over again.

I am Anand Chaudhuri, an award winning photographer with works exhibited at competitions in 30 countries all over the world.

And, I am ready to create images for you that are bold, playful and modern.

Anand is a master of his art. But more than that we could feel his love for his craft while working with him during the session and afterwards through the editing process. We love our pictures – a bit  more each time we look! Very happy with our choice.
Katie and Raoul, NJ

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